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Hi change maker!

Image by Brooke Cagle

Hi entrepreneur !

Do you want to grow your impact, professionally and personally?

Systemic work for entrepreneurs

You have a mission. You knów what you work for. Your business makes the world a better place!​

And you've got guts. You dare to question the status quo. You do things differently, no matter the challenges. No beaten path? Then you map out your own route. Your heart guides your way. You've got dreams and you make them happen.

Jolijn Fiddelaers
Jolijn Fiddelaers

"This is about me too. As a social designer and entrepreneur i've been working on sustainable projects since 20 years, making the world a better place. With a big love for India i set up a fair production chain and ethical fashion label selling worldwide. The insights i gained from the systemic work have always been leading in my entrepreneurship." 

Jolijn Fiddelaers ~

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Enjoying your success?

I hope you're successful! Cause today's changemakers are the heroes of tomorrow. Your vision, your courage, your efforts impact the world we live in. And we need this!

Grow your impact

Are you making the impact you dream of? Is there an audience that supports your mission? Do you have the financial freedom to bring your work to the next level? Does your business have the success it deserves?

Not a full Yes? Reach out for support!

Connect with Jolijn to explore how can support your growth. Share a bit about yourself and your business in the contact form and Jolijn will get back to you shortly. 

"A shapeshift is a transformation on the inside (shift) creating change on the outside (shape)."

Jolijn Fiddelaers
Jolijn Fiddelaers

"My breakthrough happened since i am putting myself first. My business grew distinctively when i started doing the inner work to clear my way for success.


As a systemic coach i help changemaking entrepreneurs to transform limiting beliefs, recurring patterns and obstacles (often deriving from intergenerational trauma). In order to clear the way for you and your business to succeed. Do you want the best for your company? Invest in your personal growth."

Jolijn Fiddelaers ~ systemic coach

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​Do you want:

  • to scale your business and prepare for success?

  • more (financial) freedom?

  • to face issues in the collaboration with your business partners (or the lack of partners)?

  • to validate whether to launch product A or product B?

  • to make an important decision and explore the short-/longterm impact? 

  • more ease in your entrepreneurship?

  • to explore re-occurring patterns that keep getting in your way (and get rid of them)?

  • to know why you fail to excel, despite a great product/service? ​

  • insight in why your business and private life seem to conflict? 

  • . . . . . . ?

With you'll define the obstacles on your path and choose for a transformation from the inside out. Jolijn guides you from a holistic perspective, improving the wellbeing of the individual ánd the whole. With systemic coaching and Constellations you'll get insight in your (eco)system and your role in it.

" helps you grow, from the inside out."

SHAPESHIFT.TODAY supports entrepreneurs who want to grow, professionally and personally. In systemic coaching we look at the entire system. We explore the whole (= your business, including stakeholders, offer and market, financial streams etc) and zoom in on you as an individual, an entrepreneur. Where the whole ánd the individual parts are in harmony, the entire system can flourish.

That's what your business deserves, right?


Jolijn guides you to the core of the matter, and lovingly helps you eradicate any obstacle on your way to success.

APP / CALL Jolijn at +31-6-10331978








Choose to participate in a Constellation workshop to EXPERIENCE the systemic work and get to know Jolijn. Or book a 1-on-1 session to EXPLORE what systemic coaching has in store for you. If you are ready for a deep-dive: the 'SHAPESHIFT your Business' intensive trajectory is for you!


Anker 1
Portret met bril

"Authentic, to-the-point, human and transforming. That is how working with Jolijn is, in a nutshell. 


She listened very well, got to the core in no time and helped me let go of what doesn't serve me anymore, which created space to welcome the new. After the session i feel more confident in myself and my new track.


If you want to get to the core of your issue and actually transform, Jolijn is the one for you."

Daniëlle ~ indvidual coaching
Image by Joseph Gonzalez

"Jolijn helped me understand which areas I could change to grow my impact as an entrepreneur.


If you are looking for someone who leads you to the core of what is holding you back in manifesting your true potential, then is the right place for you.


You must give it a try to know the difference."

Sam ~ Business Constellation
Portret van glimlachende man

"I know all the elements that Jolijn works with from my businessplan and daily practice as an entrepreneur, yet the Constellation gave me a whole new understanding of them. I was quite blown away by the experience."

Klaas ~ representative in a Business Constellation

"Coaching is a very intimate process for me. That’s why I always found it hard to find someone who can truly make a difference. With Jolijn it is very different as the entire process is not transactional, like a question-and-answer session, but goes very deep through many levels ~ self, family, and professional ~ which is quite unique and special to see how everything is connected and intertwined."

Anonymous ~ individual coaching

"A shapeshift is a transformation on the inside (shift) creating change on the outside (shape)"



Experience Jolijn and the systemic work in a group Constellation

1 Agenda
  • Ondernemers Special
    Fri 10 Feb
    Feb 10, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Amsterdam, Bert Haanstrakade 102, 1087 DJ Amsterdam, Nederland
    Een Opstellingen dag speciaal voor ondernemers! Een systemische kijk op jouw ondernemersvragen: aan de slag met MISSIE, AANBOD, KLANTEN.
  • Apr 07, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Amsterdam, Bert Haanstrakade 102, 1087 DJ Amsterdam, Nederland
    A day with several Constellations for changemakers who are ready to grow, in business and/or private life.
2 Session




Explore your own topic in a 1-on-1 session

Jolijn Fiddelaers
Jolijn Fiddelaers

"In Business Constellations and individual sessions we'll look at how to create the most healthy & wealthy system for you and your business to flourish.


Your mission?

Product or service?

Clients and stakeholders?

Financial flow?

In systemic coaching we'll explore how these (and more) elements work together in the eco system of your business. We'll define your position and the actions required for the Shapeshift you wish for."

Jolijn Fiddelaers ~ systemic coach

3. Shapeshift




Go all the way and shapeshift your business from the inside out


Especially for changemaking entrepreneurs we offer a 6 months trajectory "Shapeshift your Business". Packed with individual coaching and group Constellations to create a healthy eco-system for your business to flourish. Together we'll explore, identify ánd transform whatever is in the way of your success. This is a highly personal (and eventually tailor-made) trajectory to create lasting change and Shapeshift your business, from the inside out.


For whoM?

You are a starting or growing entrepreneur. You are convinced that your personal growth is the base for the success of your business. You want to dive deep, in order to create lasting change. You are aware that a systemic coaching trajectory has a holistic approach and you are ready to Shapeshift your business via yourself, from the inside out. 

Only 10 spots per year!

You'll closely work together with Jolijn and hence there are limited spots available. Curious if this is for you? Have a chat with Jolijn and learn if the "Shapeshift your Business" trajectory is what you need. 

Check the details
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