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Systemic coaching
free your way for success

Recognize this?

  • You're about to scale your business and want to get ready for success.

  • You want more (financial) freedom.

  • You face issues in the collaboration with your business partners (or you lack partners).

  • You're about to make an important decision and you want to explore the short-/longterm impact. 

  • You notice re-occurring patterns getting in your way (and you want to get rid of them).

  • Your product/service is great, but somehow you fail to excel.

  • Your business and private life seem to conflict.

  • . . . . . . ?

Systemic coaching looks at the ecosystem of your business, and your role in it. Curious if systemic coaching is THE right thing for you? Ask me! 

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Success can grow when the entrepreneur is ready. You áre your business. That's why, to serve your mission, you put yourself first. Your personal development is the base of your success. Systemic coaching creates healthy and wealthy systems, for you to flourish.​

Shapeshift.today helps you grow, from the inside out.

Curious how? >>>

Jolijn Fiddelaers Shapeshift.today.jpg
Jolijn Fiddelaers Shapeshift.today.jpg

"In individual sessions and group workshops i'll show you how to free yourself for your mission, your path, your success.


In a 1-on-1 session i work individually with you to explore your topic. In a group session you can experience the collective power that is so unique to the systemic work.

New to the work? I invite you to join as a representative in a Business Constellation and see for yourself what the buzz is all about! Or dive deep and book a Constellation to look at your own business."

Jolijn Fiddelaers ~ systemic facilitator at Shapeshift.today

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​Let's chat! Happy to meet you in an informal chat, to get to know you (and your business). How are you? What challenges do you face? What is it that you need / your business needs? Am i the right person for you? Welcome to explore!

#2 1-on-1 Session


In an online/offline systemic coaching session we'll explore your topic and dig deeper to identify the root of the matter. I'll lovingly help you eradicate the root of whatever is in the way of your success. You'll get to see yourself / your business in a new light! An individual session is also a great preparation for a Business or Family Constellation.

#3 Constellation


In a systemic Business Constellation you'll experience a deep  Shapeshift in a 3-hour session fully dedicated to you and your venture. A Family Constellation covers 1,5 hour and focuses on the family dynamics. Always there are approx 8 representatives present to participate in the Constellation focusing on your topic. An intake by phone and mail is included. New to the work? Get your first experience and join as a representative in someone else's Constellation. It is a great way to get to know me and my work: Find a Constellation in the agenda.

  • Let's chat! How are you today?

  • 1-op-1 sessie (online/offline): Maak jouw weg vrij voor succes.

    150 euros
  • Een groeps-Opstelling voor jouw specifieke thema of vraag. SHAPESHIFT!

    250 euros
  • Een groeps-Opstelling voor jouw specifieke thema of vraag. SHAPESHIFT!

    130 euros



"Jolijn helped me understand which areas I could impact and change. If you are looking for someone who will go deeper in understanding the core issues that might be holding you back in experiencing your true potential, then shapeshift is the right place for you. You must give it a try to see the difference."

Sindhu Holla ~ Business Constellation

"I am deeply, deeply impressed. With you, with the beautiful group of participants and with everything that has been touched and stirred within me. Your integrity and open communication made me feel safe. It was my first time as a representative but i naturally sank into the deep proces that evolved within the group and myself. It was amazing to experience the connection and healing. Great how you lead the group and at the same time are a part of it yourself."

Kitty ~ representative in a Business Constellation

"I know all the elements that Jolijn works with from my businessplan and daily practice as an entrepreneur, yet the Constellation gave me a whole new understanding of them. I was quite blown away by the experience."

Klaas ~ representative in a Business Constellation

"Coaching is a very intimate process for me. That’s why I always found it hard to find someone who can truly make a difference. With Jolijn it was very different as the entire process was not transactional, like a question-and-answer session, but went very deep through many levels ~ self, family, and professional ~ which was quite unique and special to see how everything is connected and intertwined."

Anonymous ~ individual coaching