Inner roadblocks on your way to success

Even though your business is thriving you might still feel 'blocked' in your way forward. A recent Business Constellation for an international female entrepreneur showed the impact of her inner roadblocks. And we cleared her way!

In every entrepreneur's journey there are moments where you find yourself at crossroads. The desire to excel, the will to grow, the urge to follow your gut feeling, the longing to live your full potential... Intrinsic motivations keep popping up to catch your attention. There is an inner call to move forward and take the next step.

You start scanning the landscape, exploring left and right, back and forward. Sensing the impact of taking either which road. Which way to go?

inner roadblocks make it hard to choose
Which way forward...?

Whilst you are exploring your options, more and more voices raise hands to be heard. Like the prudent voice of common sense, trying to consult you in the decision making proces. Is this the right time? Are we going to take a small step, or a big leap? Is it smart? Is it worth the risk? Will we succeed? Can we fail?

In a growing business with financial and social responsibilities it can be quite challenging to know your way forward and distinguish the message of the different voices. Deep down you knów you have to listen to your inner call, or else your light will dim. Yet so many things are weighing on your shoulders. You think, rethink, and think again. How to do the right thing? Which way to go?

Sounds familiar...?


I recently facilitated a Constellation for a social entrepreneur, running an international company with many stakeholders. In a coaching session prior to the Constellation this entrepreneur mentioned the feeling of facing a wall: "It is as if i can stay behind this wall to keep working with the known or go beyond this wall and step into the unknown." Her desire was to explore beyond the wall. In the Constellation we started placing representatives for the entrepreneur and her enterprise. Immediately the huge potential and creative energy of this business showed, followed by 'a hesitation' from the side of the entrepreneur.

Her roadblock clearly wasn't on the outside. It was on the inside.

This hesitation and the symbolic wall she was facing, were due to an 'inner road' being blocked. This road being blocked made the entrepreneur hesitant and indecisive, not knowing which way to go. She got stuck and she slowly withdrew, loosing the spark of her creative potential. She felt disconnected from her thriving business.

entrepreneur being tired
The job can become hard work ~ a duty instead of a flow


With an inner road being blocked, the way forward can become unclear, or hard work, or lonely; a duty instead of a flow. Any outsider would say this entrepreneur, having a thriving business, was ready for success and growth. Yet something was holding her back. This struggle wasn't even visible on the outside, in her business, as she was working so hard to manage and survive. But her inner light was dimming and she felt like facing a wall.


For an entrepreneur to fully own his/her potential (and that of the business!) it is important to unblock the inner roads and become available for success. To unblock inner roads it is important to look at the current and past systems one is part of. Inner roadblocks mostly originate in the first system we were ever part of: the family of origin (the birth family). The family system and all other systems one moves in (in this case: the business system) relate to each other. To help an entrepreneur on a business level we sometimes need a systemic intervention on a family level.

In the Business Constellation we cleared and aligned various systems for this entrepreneur, working on the business as well as the family level. She became more free to enjoy the fruits of her work and make the daring choices her business requires.

A new way of Being, and more effortlessness in all the Doing.

business woman in her power
A Business Constellation brings clarity and energy for the next step forward

Do you want to clear your way and become more available for success? facilitates Constellations for social entrepreneurs who want to grow, on a business and a personal level. In a group Constellation we work with one or more questions of the entrepreneur. There are approximately 10 representatives to participate in the Constellation(s). During this workshop every single participant (this definitely includes the representatives!) will get valuable insights for his/her own growth. See the agenda for new dates or contact Jolijn for more info.

Looking forward to work together!