In times of change, be still

I believe in a continuous evolution of things. In conception, growth, change. Moved by a whispering urge that is rising from within. Slowly maybe, but surely. Initially invisible.

I believe in people doing the work. On the inside. From behind the scenes maybe. When that work is done, the harvesting will happen, as a matter of time.

I don’t believe that what appears as a revolution 'just' happens, as a single event. Even if the event itself seems to surprise you, the system was probably stirring long before you noticed it. And it will stir afterwards.

It's like a universal law on the nature of things. And we are all subject to it. As we ARE nature, however much we seem to have forgotten it. Or wish to deny it.

The nature of life holds an innate capacity to shift shapes, to grow. To blossom even, in the right circumstances. We are given birth. And at that exact same moment we are given death, as a matter of time.