A smooth career change

After almost 20 years in Design i thought it was time for a smooth career change. Hence i moved all my design activities to 'behind the scenes' since 2020 which allowed me to build Shapeshift.today, my new path for the next 20 years to come.

This doesn't mean i am not active anymore as a designer. Actually i still work with my 2 former (KARIGAR) business partners who market my designs internationally. In 2021 i've designed 4 new products and approximately 25 new colourways for them.

I'm grateful for what i've build in the past years and that it is still providing me and all other stakeholders a sustainable (and in my case: partly passive) income. However much i love the design work, my real satisfaction is in empowering people. This is what has driven me in my Social design projects (eg in India), the relationships i've built and the decisions i've made throughout the years. Personally i feel that succeeding to build a sustainable international business has been my biggest achievement in my career.

Systemic Coaching and Constellations

The systemic perspective has definitely been the key in this success, affecting my vision, mission and strategy. And i'd wish the same for you! This made me decide to professionalize my systemic skills, in order to help other social entrepreneurs in their impact journey.

It's the combination of 1-on-1 systemic coaching and group Constellations that i find particularly powerful for the deep transformation i wish for every social entrepreneur.

Hello 2022

In today's challenging times i am happy to add value, by empowering the brave ones that dare to lead the way. Happy to help today's changemakers grow their impact. Hello 2022!

In the coming months some Dutch and English spoken workshops are planned here at Shapeshift.today. Each workshop (called Business Constellation in English and Ondernemers Opstelling in Dutch) is dedicated to one changemaker.

For everyone new to me and the systemic work: please join us as a representative one day! I am 100% sure you'll leave the workshop full of inspiration and new insights. Looking forward to share the magic with you. For more info, feel free to reach out:

Jolijn Fiddelaers


+31 6 10331978

Or check the website to book a (free!) Coffee Break.