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Social Design




In 2010 i started working in India, connecting with craftspeople and their amazing textile heritage. I defined a need to make the artisan's work available for international markets, in order to sustain their livelihood. Since then I have been passionately building a bridge between India's rural production and a high-end global market.

Typically i visit groups of artisans, explore their skills/equipment/capacity, make new designs and train production and people for international distribution of my designs.


My approach is successful as i am respectful towards their heritage and at the same time innovate and stretch boundaries where i see the potential for growth. I call what i do 'shapeshifting heritage'.

Today I am lucky to work with reliable partners both in production (in India) and marketing.


Photography by Marloes van Doorn 

2010 - today

"There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness"

Mahatma Gandhi

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