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Product Development

TwoTowel for Vij5



Designer Anieke Branderhorst from Vij5 had the idea to create a towel that would dry hands as well as dishes: the TwoTowel. However due to technical limitations of the industrial looms the product development seemed stuck. 


Together with Jolijn the design, product development and colours were finalized to convince one manufacturer to use its industrial looms in an unconventional way and take the TwoTowel in production. 

Product launched in 2014

Colours updated in 2019

"A great idea and a complex production process... When most factories told us that this product was impossible to make, we only became more motivated and convinced of the fact that we had quite a special design in our hands. In collaboration with Jolijn Fiddelaers and a producer in Turkey, who was willing to experiment, the TwoTowel eventually became reality”


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