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Ethical Fashion Brand

Since i started working with Indian artisans in 2010 I knew that teaming up with the right people would be crucial to bring the work to the next level and impact at scale. In 2014 I joined forces with Sindhu Holla and Kanak Hirani who were working in the same field.

Together we founded ethical fashion brand KARIGAR which we ran from 2014 - 2019. Producing handmade, all-natural textile products (a.o. the Cape) in India was a challenge. Selling those products worldwide (via our own online channel) was an even bigger challenge. We succeeded.


In 5 years time the business grew big and required a new structure. Today the brand name KARIGAR no longer exists. Yet the production capacity, artisan employment and worldwide marketing of products is still growing.

Currently i am the official license holder of the Cape which is being marketed by my former KARIGAR business partners as exclusive licensees: (Sindhu Holla) (Kanak Hirani)

"As a designer i serve the needs of both production and market. My products have proven to be timeless, commercially successful and appealing to a global audience, which i believe is a result of smart and sophisticated design"

Jolijn Fiddelaers

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