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Hi! This is my work as a social designer & entrepreneur. Since 2002 i create textiles for fashion & home, for international clients. Ethics & aesthetics first.

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"To those who look and listen, materials speak out. Making it superfluous to make decisions. Rather cuts shapes and colours expose themselves and fall into place"

(author unknown)

About Jolijn


I am a social designer, specialized in textiles. Since 2002 i create textile products and artworks, either as a freelance or independent designer. I choose to work solely on projects in which ethics and aesthetics can go hand in hand.

Via the design work i became an entrepreneur, initiating social design projects since 2010 and eventually building a successful social impact business (producing handmade goods in India, selling worldwide via online channels). Since January 2020 i stepped out of all operational and commercial business activities to focus on product design, consultancy and as my new 'social design' concept.

My home-base is Amsterdam and Amersfoort, yet i regularly travel to work on location, both in The Netherlands and abroad.



As a designer i serve the needs of both production and market. My products have proven to be timeless, commercially successful and appealing to a global audience, which i believe is a result of smart and sophisticated design.

In product design & collection development i focus on commercially viable products. My artworks however are created to evoke social interaction and participation in the creative proces.



Skills & Tools

I design for various textile production processes, both industrial and manual, such as: spinning, dyeing, weaving, embroidery, print works, tuft. In artworks i use the same textile techniques, yet in a more experimental way.


I work with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for pattern and product design, technical drawings, graphic work and photo editing.

I thoroughly study the production facilities of the companies i work with.



1.  i work as a freelance designer for brands

2.  i do consultancy for social design, collection development, production optimization and artisan training (evt abroad)

3.  i design licensed products for exclusive licensees

Payment resp. project fee, hourly rate, royalty fee. For more information please get in touch.


+31 6 10331978

About Jolijn
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