Jolijn Fiddelaers

"Shapeshift.today is my daily spiritual practice. In sharing my passion and profession i hope to inspire and facilitate people to get curious, start or deepen their journey and join me in consciously creating today’s world"


"Graduated as a textile designer in 2002 i became a social designer and entrepreneur, making a wealthy international business of what initially sparked as a romantic ambition, a longing to 'create beauty' and make the world a better place.


My journey taught me the 'power of creation' and the importance of using it well. I learned that when the needs of both 'the individual' and 'the whole' are understood and aligned an entire ecosystem can blossom. To blossom is what i wish for all systems, small and big.


With shapeshift.today, i facilitate systemic constellations to support (social) entrepreneurs and changemakers in their growth and success. Because you and i have the power to consciously shapeshift.today and create the world we live in. Individual & collective in (r)evolution.

Be welcome!"