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Individual & collective in (r)evolution

The entire world and (y)our whole being are constantly shifting shapes! Think of a baby growing up, a flower seed sprouting, a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. 

The nature of Life holds an innate capacity to shift shapes, to grow. To blossom even, given the right circumstances. On top of that, human species is gifted a magical toolset, including the power to create. By choice! Now, how's that for a superpower?!

With today's world as a playground we are unlocking our toolbox' potential, with 'consciousness' as one of the most mysterious and powerful assets.

We can consciously create a brand new world. helps today's changemakers to make optimal use of their immense creative potential. Cause WE have the power to change the world.


"A practice for the curious ones, 
with a Heart longing to expand"




"a shapeshift is a transition in your inner being (shift) affecting your outer world (shape)"

Every change starts within you and me. Each individual choosing to cultivate inner love & health & wealth, contributes to more love & health & wealth in the outer world.

In a challenging world we need inspired people who stand up and stand strong. Together we have the power to shift shapes, to make change, to create a healthy & wealthy society sparked by individual changemakers, like you. supports today's changemakers to live their full potential, cause their success makes the world a better place. 


As inside, so outside.

Individually and collectively.

Today and tomorrow.

Are you ready to shapeshift today..?

Jolijn Fiddelaers
Jolijn Fiddelaers

"As a social designer and entrepreneur i am working on projects that contribute to a more healthy and wealthy society, since 20 years.

My adventures became serious (sustainable!) business when i started putting myself first. Since I am living my full potential, my impact has grown massively" 


Jolijn Fiddelaers ~ founder

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  • LinkedIn - offers individual sessions and group workshops, to inspire and empower the individual and the collective. advocates a systemic approach, and always looks at the relations between 'the individual' and 'the whole'. We are after the most healthy & wealthy environment for áll. Systemic coaching and constellations work on a conscious as well as a subconscious level. The work is especially suitable to 'clear your way': free yourself from limiting patterns and make yourself available for your best life possible. 

Ideally individual coaching and group work are combined, for a maximum Shapeshift. A few ideas to get you going:



An informal chat for you to get to know Jolijn and for Jolijn to get an insight in you and your business. After this intake you'll get honest feedback if/how Jolijn can help you grow your impact. Based on this you can decide whether or not to continue the coaching trajectory. It's up to you.


In an online/offline systemic coaching session we'll explore your topic and dig deeper to identify the root of the matter. You'll get to see your business in a new light! This session is an eyeopener in itself and might as well be booked prior to or following up a group Constellation. It'll help you get a deeper understanding, and leaves you practical tools to integrate the learnings in your business.



In a systemic Business Constellation we'll take the leap and dive deep: a 3-hour session fully dedicated to you and your venture. New to the work? Some say it is magic. We say: see for yourself! Experience the Constellation work and join as a representative in one of the upcoming events. Sign up to get invited or find a Constellation in the agenda.


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Individual coaching and group work, online + offline

Jolijn Fiddelaers
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Jolijn Fiddelaers
Jolijn Fiddelaers

"Hi there, I help today's changemakers grow their impact, by coaching social entrepreneurs, community leaders, game changers and decision makers of all kind who aim to impact people's lives for the better.

Have you chosen to live a meaningful life? Dedicated to purpose and passion? In loving relation with yourself and the world around you? YES! We have that in common.

Now, if you are looking to sustain your venture and grow your impact, I am more than happy to help you step up your game.


Jolijn Fiddelaers ~ founder




The world is our playground

​ is based in Amsterdam and from there we travel The Netherlands and abroad. The Cosy Gypsy, our tiny office on wheels, can be found at conscious events and in nature across Europe. We go where life takes us to meet likeminded souls and share our work.

In Amsterdam:

The group workshops in Amsterdam take place at the beautiful Stadsoase Naar Zee (Bert Haanstrakade 102, Amsterdam IJburg).

The individual sessions take place in Amsterdam Centre (near Museumplein or Vondelpark) or eventually online.

Upon request:

If you have a suitable location we can come your way to facilitate a Family or Business Constellation at your place. Get in touch for more info.

On the web:

Of course you can find us online too. Happy to meet you!

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"Jolijn helped me understand which areas I could impact and change. If you are looking for someone who will go deeper in understanding the core issues that might be holding you back in experiencing your true potential, then shapeshift is the right place for you. You must give it a try to see the difference."

Sindhu Holla ~ Business Constellation

"I am deeply, deeply impressed. With you, with the beautiful group of participants and with everything that has been touched and stirred within me. Your integrity and open communication made me feel safe. It was my first time as a representative but i naturally sank into the deep proces that evolved within the group and myself. It was amazing to experience the connection and healing. Great how you lead the group and at the same time are a part of it yourself."

Kitty ~ representative in a Business Constellation

"I know all the elements that Jolijn works with from my businessplan and daily practice as an entrepreneur, yet the Constellation gave me a whole new understanding of them. I was quite blown away by the experience."

Klaas ~ representative in a Business Constellation

"Coaching is a very intimate process for me. That’s why I always found it hard to find someone who can truly make a difference. With Jolijn it was very different as the entire process was not transactional, like a question-and-answer session, but went very deep through many levels ~ self, family, and professional ~ which was quite unique and special to see how everything is connected and intertwined."

Anonymous ~ individual coaching