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create lasting change, inside out

Our society and lives are constantly changing: we are 'shifting shapes'. Consciously and subconsciously we are looking to create new forms; in relationships, (extended) families, housing and working. The old standard no longer fits, and creating the new is in our own hands. helps changemakers make the change, inside out.

Jolijn Fiddelaers
Jolijn Fiddelaers

"Are you ready to live your life to the fullest? To claim your unique spot on this earth? To share your talents and shine your brightest light? Great. Cause this world needs that!

Shapeshift enables your transformation from the inside out.

As a systemic coach I guide changemakers who want to grow, professionally and personally. Don't hesitate to reach out to me; i am happy to meet you" 

Jolijn Fiddelaers ~ systemic coaching & constellations

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"Systemic work is for those who want to grow and create lasting change, in private or professional matters."

Do you want to:

  • take more leadership in your life?

  • get insight in recurring patterns? (and break them)

  • create a good base for loving relationships and successful business?

  • learn how to deal with intense emotions or triggers?

  • feel free and confident?

  • prepare for an important decision? 

  • get a better understanding of the behavior of your children?

  • release a heavy burden from your shoulders?

  • improve the relationship with your parents/partner/child/boss/neighbor?

  • . . . . . . ?

With you remove the obstacles on your path and create lasting change, from the inside out. Systemic Coaching and Constellations give insight in the various systems (family, relationships, business, work, society etc) that impact your life, and more specifically: your role in them. Systemic coach Jolijn Fiddelaers guides you from a holistic perspective, supportive to the wellbeing of you as an individual and the bigger whole you are a part of.

Tafel Opstelling Jolijn Fiddelaers


Most people know the systemic work from the so-called

Family Constellations. What few know is that it's also possible to work in a 1-on-1 setting. There are various options for individual Constellations to explore your specific question or theme. 


In a Constellation we look at a question or theme with the help of representatives. A Family Constellation is the most well-known form, but also other elements can be constellated; eg. a business, an emotion, a longing or an obstacle on your path. 

individuele coaching

"A shapeshift is a transformation on the inside (shift) creating change on the outside (shape)"


In a 1-on-1 session there are various options to work with, eg. a table constellation with puppets, a constellation in space with floor anchors, a visualisation or a combination of these.

The session starts from your question or theme. Jolijn helps you explore new perspectives and connect with an 'inner knowing' to guide your way. Besides practical insights regarding your question you will also experience a shift on a deeper level. This is the healing that ignites your Shapeshift. From here change can manifest in your life, inside out.  

Change happens from the inside out.

In systemic coaching we look at the dynamics in a 'system', i.e between the individual and his/her environment. You could say this work is all about relations. Think eg. the relationship with yourself, your partner, parents and (step)children. But also the relation with your work, health, clients or money. 

Schedule your session now?

Check Jolijn's weekplanning and confirm your preferred day and time in a message. Jolijn will contact you to schedule the appointment.

Tafel Opstelling
INFO individuele coaching


A Constellation with representatives shows how individuals relate to each other on a conscious and subconscious level. How are they connected? How do they work together? How do they influence each other? The representatives in the Constellation show a certain dynamic that corresponds with the actual situation in real life. We'll look at what is needed to create a positive change for everyone involved.

Een Opstelling met representanten laat zien hoe individuen zich verhouden tot elkaar en het grotere geheel. Hoe zijn ze verbonden? Hoe werken ze samen? Hoe beïnvloeden ze elkaar? Tussen de representanten onderling ontstaat een bepaalde 'dynamiek' en in de Opstelling wordt duidelijk wat er nodig is om een positieve verandering teweeg te brengen.


De inzichten die het systemisch werk biedt zijn even praktisch als diepgaand. Een Opstelling werkt door op zowel bewust als onbewust niveau, in je binnenwereld en je buitenwereld:

"a shapeshift is a transformation on the inside (shift) creating change on the outside (shape)" Jolijn

Heb je interesse maar kun je jouw thema of vraag nog niet helder formuleren? Dat is geen probleem. In een voorgesprek met Jolijn zal duidelijk worden wat de kern is en wat er nodig is voor jouw Opstelling. 

Het is zeer aan te raden een keer een Opstelling mee te maken als representant! Shapeshift organiseert bijna maandelijks Opstellingen dagen in Amsterdam (ook in het Engels). In een groep van 12 mensen ervaar je de liefdevolle kracht en wijsheid van het systemische veld. Welkom met en zonder ervaring!


Familie Opstellingen Jolijn Fiddelaers.jpg
INFO opstellingen



"Coaching is a very intimate process for me. That’s why I always found it hard to find someone who can truly make a difference. With Jolijn it is different as the entire process is not transactional, like a question-and-answer session, but goes very deep through many levels ~ self, family, and professional ~ which is quite unique and special to see how everything is connected and intertwined."

Anonymous ~ individual coaching
Image by Gabriel Silvério

"The effect of the Constellation is huge! My feelings of guilt and shame are completely gone! I am so grateful for this, every moment. I am now able to make authentic and healthy choices, that really serve myself and the people around me.


The relationship with my children is positively affected! I am more pure and so are they."

Miranda ~ Family Constellation

"I am deeply, deeply impressed. With you, with the beautiful group of participants and with everything that has been touched and stirred within me. Your integrity and open communication made me feel safe. It was my first time as a representative but i naturally sank into the deep proces that evolved within the group and myself. It was amazing to experience the connection and healing. Great how you lead the group and at the same time are a part of it yourself."

Kitty ~ representative in a group Constellation
Glimlachende Jonge Mens

"Wow, such a special day! It's amazing how more and deeper layers kept opening up in the Constellations. And wow, your spaceholding was amazing Jolijn. You know like no other to hold space for these big fields. I enjoyed seeing you do the work"

Sam ~ Representative

"Jolijn helped me understand which areas I could impact and change. If you are looking for someone who will go deeper in understanding the core issues that might be holding you back in experiencing your true potential, then shapeshift is the right place for you. You must give it a try to see the difference."

Sindhu ~ individual coaching


Jolijn Fiddelaers
Jolijn Fiddelaers
"Ik ontmoet je graag​ om samen in jouw thema te duiken op zoek naar de wortel. Mijn sessies brengen diepgaande innerlijke transformaties teweeg, en ik zorg tevens voor praktische handvaten om de Shapeshift te integreren in het persoonlijke en zakelijke leven.

Als je vragen hebt dan hoor ik graag van je. Ik zal altijd eerlijke feedback geven of/hoe ik je kan helpen groeien. Een telefonische of schriftelijke kennismaking is uiteraard geheel vrijblijvend. Welkom!"

Jolijn Fiddelaers ~ systemisch coach
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