individual & collective in (r)evolution



Why should we shift shapes today?


What is a shapeshift?


How do we do it?


For whom, by whom, with whom?

"A practice for the curious ones, 

with a Heart longing to expand"



Individual & collective in (r)evolution

The entire world and your whole being are constantly shifting shapes! Think of a baby growing up, a flower seed sprouting, a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. 

The nature of Life holds an innate capacity to shift shapes, to grow. To blossom even, given the right circumstances. On top of that, human species is gifted a magical toolset, including the power to create. By choice! Now, how's that for a superpower?!

With the world as a playground we are unlocking our toolbox' potential, with 'consciousness' as one of the most mysterious and controversial assets.

Are you using your gifts wisely...? aims to free and nurture the  immense creative potential of you, me & us as human beings in today's world.




"a shapeshift is a transition in your inner being (shift) affecting your outer world (shape)"

Every change starts within you and me. Each individual choosing to cultivate inner freedom, contributes to more love, more health and more wealth in the outer world. As inside, so outside.

Shapeshift.todayinvites you to go inwards and free your creative forces. To live fully. Today. Together.

As unique individuals we relate to each other, and we are part of several 'systems'. Together we form the collective and carry a certain consciousness. Every

shapeshift, small and big, contributes to a healthy & wealthy collective.

A collective of strong individuals today will definitely impact (y)our world tomorrow. It is our way forward.

Are you ready to shapeshift today..?


The Shapeshift - agenda​ holds activities that contribute to a growing consciousness for individual and collective. Workshops that empower. Meetings that nurture. Information that inspires. Sign up for one-offs or choose to attend a series of events, and deepen the connection with like-minded souls.


Enthusiastic professionals welcome you online and offline, offering various activities to cultivate more freedom, a sense of truth, inner peace and pure joy. Inside out! 


Click the event in the agenda for more info and booking. Or subscribe for the mailinglist to receive updates about events.



Activities for individual and collective growth




Sign up for group work and events via the agenda

  • Opstellingen - individuele thema's
    Apr 02, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
    Leusden, Arnhemseweg 14, 3832 GL Leusden, Nederland
    Een Opstellingen middag met ruimte voor 2 vraaginbrengers en circa 10 representanten.

Jolijn Fiddelaers initiated in 2020. She works as a social designer and systemic facilitator (Constellation Work). With she holds space for individual and collective consciousness to move towards more love, more truth, more freedom, more unity.

The Shapeshift-agenda offers activities from Jolijn and colleague-shapeshifters, who are all working as independent practitioners.

Do you feel a longing to move freely in today's world? Connected to truth? Dedicated to purpose and passion? In meaningful relation with the world around you? We'd love to meet you!



For and from today's changemakers


"I wanted to say that the constellation really grounded me... I find it truly pure what happened, and that is because it was beautifully facilitated"

Zsofi (psychologist & coach) - about the Earth Constellation


CONTACT hosts activities in Amsterdam, Amersfoort and online (find more info at the specific event in the agenda). Via the contact form you reach out to founder Jolijn Fiddelaers. Happy to answer your questions and hopefully meet you in real-life someday soon! 


Tel: +31 6 10331978


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